Food is at the core of the Salban experience – as it is with the Mookerjee family! Jhampan and Sheema are passionate cooks, and have passed it on to their son who is a chef in Mumbai. Each meal has their personal stamp, and is customised according to the guests’ tastes. So, you will get a variety of cuisines, from homely desi to Italian, Thai, authentic Chinese and Continental (Jhampan’s stuffed roast chicken is the star).

Our kitchen basket overflows with fresh garden produce, most of it organic. Apart from the gamut of vegetables, we grow our herbs, salad leaves, chillies and more. We also delight in serving typical local produce like treacle from mahua flowers, kodo or wild millet, sun-dried tomatoes, and the local brown rice. Sheema loves baking and does cakes for tea and muffins for packed safari breakfast.

“The only complaint the guests have, is that they over-eat!”